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NumeroLexigrams - A blend of Numerology and Lexigramming.

What Is It?

Instead of using the traditional Pythagorean or Chaldean methods of Numerology, the NumeroLexigram process calculates a numerological report based on the letter frequency of your name in relation to the English Language. This is, possibly, a very similar practice which was used by the Ancients: The Chaldean method could well have reflected the frequency of letters as they appeared in the languages using that alphabet. A NumeroLexigram is the contemporary equivalent of ancient techniques for Numerology.

How Does It Work?

Like traditional Numerology, each report gives a total score for the name along with a reduction to a single digit, for example a score of 41 would reduce to 5 (4+1). The final digit is then interpreted both positively and negatively in terms of its effect on energy, esoteric geometry, relationships, careers, personality attributes and many other symbolic aspects of being.

Several options exist when generating a NumeroLexigram report. You can obtain a Simple Report, which reduces an entire name or phrase to a significant number, or a Detailed Report that reduces each word of a name or phrase to its significant number.

The Objective Mode of a report shows how the world sees you. This interpretation calculates results by analyzing your name in relation to the frequency of letters in the English Language as a whole. A Subjective Mode interprets the results for how you see the world by analyzing your name in comparison to how letters are used in the actual names of other people. Several million names of real people were analyzed to determine this unique sequence of letters which reflect the order of the most common letters in personal names.

The title screen for the NumeroLexigram project contains One-Click Reports that provide examples of what an interpretation looks like. NumeroLexigrams interpret anything involving words - people, places, objects, even dates when spelled out as words.

How Can It Be Used?

NumeroLexigrams are used to provide a numerological interpretation of names, dates, cities, phrases - any thing that uses words. Simply type a name into the search box, set a few options, and click the Tell Me About My Name button. Run variations of a personal name to see differences between a birth name, a married name, your name with a nickname or even to explore how your life could alter if you changed your name. To analyze events or objects, type the words for it into the search box. When analyzing dates you must spell-out the numbers as words. Simply type the date as it's pronounced. For example, 05/03/1953 would be typed as MAY THIRD NINETEEN FIFTY THREE, not as "May Three Nineteen Hundred and Fifty Three." Why analyze a date? Look to see what your birthday reveals about you. Learn if a date is propitious for a wedding. Explore dates that may be advantageous for business or recreational travel. Almost anything can be easily interpreted using a NumeroLexigram: word-based numerology made simple.

How Accurate Is It?

NumeroLexigrams can be surprisingly accurate. They provide a fresh perspective on people, things, and events that are not the same as those produced with traditional Numerology techniques. Take a look at these examples of the results NumeroLexigrams can produce when applied to a person, a date, and an object.

PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN is a One. One is an expression of independence, a dormant seed waiting to spring into life; a dreamer contemplating how creativity can manifest in the future. It deals with manifestation of intention, a way to motivate something new, filled with strong energy for change. A One recognizes the need for change and has the force to thrust change upon the world. People who are Ones are known as Reformers. Does this sound like President Abraham Lincoln, the man who navigated the United States through a civil war and who abolished slavery?

SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH TWO THOUSAND ONE (9/11/2001) is an Eight. It appears in geometry as an eight-pointed star, one of the symbols of the Muslim Koran, marking the end of a chapter in Arabic calligraphy. This could indicate the Islamic extremist militant groups who initiated the terrorist attack on the United States on that date. Eight shows spiritual success and accomplishment by minds filled with a sacrificial, exhaustive discharge of energy. It also indicates an ability to adapt as situations change but can also show an abuse of power. It can be summarized with the concepts of resurrection and regeneration that provide opportunities for re-building. Situations that resolve to an Eight are driven by a quest for Truth, as the U.S. government spent years reconstructed the events of that fateful day. Does this interpretation fit the events which occurred in the United States on 9/11 as the Twin Towers fell?

THE GREAT PYRAMID is a Five... filled with growth and change, a storm of physical energy. In three-dimensional geometry, it is a shape with five points is a pyramid - four points in a square at the base with a fifth point at the apex - the exact shape of a pyramid at Giza. The negative side of Five indicates a storm of physical energy with misfortune and dogmatism - construction of The Great Pyramid took an immense effort of manpower, including many deaths, in the effort to immortalize the Pharaoh who was seen as the Egyptian God-on-Earth. Does this Five reflect The Great Pyramid?

No matter how it is used, NumeroLexigrams help to provide another way to learn about yourself and your world - Reflecting the Inner You.

Steve Miller, Project Coordinator
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